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Our CENGİZ Group Company, Which Started Its Commercial Activities In 1956, Continues Its 65-Year Commercial Adventure, Especially In Making Food Investments.


After many years of retail and wholesale trade, about 10 years ago we decided to produce food products, with the energy we gained from our experience and reliability, and established a meat products chopping and processing facility in İzmir Kemalpaşa. In 2015, in addition to the meat processing facility, we started to produce canned ready food packages. During this period, the idea of marrow bone broth emerged while we were thinking about how we could add value the bones from the carcass meat that we cut in our factory. Developing this idea, we first introduced consumers to marrow bone broth and soups made from bone broth in chain stores in all provinces of Turkey.

With the high demand for this innovative work, it was decided to increase the product variety and we started to develop the collagen product range. For the first time in Turkey, we introduced cold drinks containing collagen and coffees containing collagen to our consumers. Finally, new investments were made to produce healthy breakfast products. We will soon offer healthy breakfast products to our consumers who prefer the Zel brand. You can find healthy Zel products both on electronic trade sites and in Turkey's most exclusive national local markets and delicatessens. Apart from production, we are in partnership with the best brands of Turkey's food sector. With our supply chain we manage, we also establish the connection and communication between other manufacturers and consumers. With the efforts of our export department and R&D team, we continue to make confident steps towards our goal of bringing healthy innovative products to our country and the world.

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