The main principle of our company; To maximize customer satisfaction by producing quality and healthy products and to become a well-known brand.

To ensure this, our Food Safety Policy;

  • To protect the health of our customers and employees by increasing the cleanliness and reliability of our products, to ensure quality production,
  • To ensure a high level of customer satisfaction by offering products and services of the quality that our customers expect, with the idea of ​​“We exist with customer and customer satisfaction”,
  • We established every stage of production according to the FSSC 22000 Food Safety Management System; To manage and manage in accordance with the understanding of our Food Safety Management System,
  • To produce products in compliance with the legal regulations. To comply with all legal and regulatory requirements,
  •  To produce continuous and sustainable safe and quality products by providing the necessary resources, making continuous improvement, creating the resources that our business will need, such as infrastructure and working environment,
  • Ensuring the protection of consumer health and reducing production losses,
  • To keep our workplace and environment clean, to protect and to prevent the waste of natural resources to fulfill our obligations to society and the environment,
  • To be the best in its field with its management that adopts training and continuous development as its principle.
  • To be a team within the framework of the rules of love and respect by ensuring that the personal rights of our employees are respected in the workplace,
  • Our company considers human as its most valuable asset in all its activities; To adopt protecting our employees from all kinds of accidents that may occur as an ongoing and primary business goal by creating a safe and healthy work environment,
  • To provide trainings in order to increase the awareness of our employees on occupational health and safety,
  • To continuously improve our occupational health and safety performance in line with legal obligations,
  • To provide participation and support to our quality management system by creating suitable working areas that will increase the personal skills of our employees,
  • To have the awareness of sharing the Total Quality Management approach, which it has adopted and assumed responsibility with all its employees, especially the top management, with its suppliers and other organizations from which it receives service,

  • It aims to develop its product group with an understanding that believes in continuous change in line with the expectations and wishes of its consumers and to be the leader in the domestic and foreign markets as the implementer of new products.
  • In our company, it is ensured that the necessity of internal communication, effective communication is understood by all personnel whose activities have an impact on food safety. In external communication, the quality unit has the responsibility and authority to transmit all kinds of information about food safety to outside (relevant institutions, customers, suppliers, etc.).


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